Indivijual Explained 

What we do is part art and part science

Rooted in old world, European-inspired custom craftsmanship, we design and hand craft a custom eyeglass or sunglass frame for each individual client. Our frames are sculpted to order, based on each client’s unique physical attributes and personal style. With your review and step-by-step approval, we design a bespoke frame based on the following:

Face Size

Hair Color

Face Shape

Eye Color

Eye Shape

Nose Shape

Skin Tone


Our technology and special methods allow our professional design team to solve hard-to-fit problems and provide unparalleled precision in the fit of our bespoke eyewear. We even create a mold of your nose to assure that your custom eyewear design is a perfect fit.

We have created custom eyewear for clients all around the world and we’ve only met a handful in person. Our entire process has been engineered to do business long distance and make our frames here in the USA.

We use only the very finest cellulose acetate organic plastics from Italy and the highest quality hardware from Germany. No other company in the world does what we do to create truly bespoke custom eyewear. Our artists focus on enhancing your look by creating the perfect frame for your face.


“The process was detailed and well worth the wait. I’ve never received so many compliments on any fashion item.” 

Craig Brumfield, San Francisco

“The glasses are really stunning.”

-Marty Hackel, Fashion Director, Golf Digest




“The glasses are great, plus they are unique. I am totally surprised by the reactions they are eliciting from friends and strangers. I would not believe it if I wasn’t living it myself.”

- Joseph Fong, Pittsburgh