How the Bespoke Eyewear Process Works 


What happens when you place an order for a bespoke frame?

Upon receipt of your order, we conduct a comprehensive information gathering and analysis that drives our design process. A profile questionnaire is used to learn about your lifestyle, your personality and your tastes. Custom color charts and instruments are used to take detailed measurements of your face, skin tone, hair color and eye color. Photographs are taken of your face and we create a mold of your nose and carve the nose pad sections of your frame to the contours of your nose.

How does Indivijual create your design?

When your information is received, we dig in for a detailed analysis of your physical features, your lifestyle and personality. All of these factors affect the design process as we work to design a bespoke frame to make you look your best.

Once this analysis is completed, our team of artists and engineers create a series of preliminary designs for you in a two dimensional format. These “prelim designs” include different options, which are superimposed on one of your photos. We then develop color recommendations for you based on your skin tone, hair, eye color, and the information gathered about your wardrobe and color preferences. Our design process shapes and sculpts each segment of the bespoke eyeglasses or bespoke sunglasses frames to enhance the look of your face. We start with classic shapes and subtly perfect the lines, the thicknesses and the size to frame your face as a work of art.  A presentation is then provided for your review and approval.

Crafting your bespoke frame

Once the detailed design process is complete and you have given your authorization to commence production, the creation of your bespoke frame begins. A block of the finest Italian cellulose acetate, an organic plastic made from wood and cotton, is selected, from which your bespoke eyeglass frames or bespoke sunglasses are then carved. This process is complicated, requires a great deal of hand crafting and cannot be rushed. A bespoke design takes from six to ten weeks to complete from start to finish.

Your bespoke eyeglasses or bespoke sunglasses frame is then shipped to you in a protective case. All of your specifications, nose mold and measurements will be retained in our files so that you can easily make future orders for your signature design in different colors or for sunglasses.