"Indivijual can make your eyeglass fantasies come true."

- The New Yorker 


I’ve received the frames. They look and feel amazing.

 - Azmil M., Kuala Lumpur

Wow, the frames are incredibly beautiful – elegant, perfectly crafted, comfortable, and more important: my wife loves them! 

- Lawrence Honig, Head of Worldwide Stores, Abercrombie & Fitch

The process was detailed and well worth the wait. I’ve never received so many compliments on any fashion item. 

- Craig B., San Francisco 

I have my new glasses, thank you, I love them. Keep my information, I’m thinking of getting sunglasses made. 

- Laura B., Houston

 I love the frames…Please send me your invoice, and please call so we can discuss doing some sunglasses. 

-  Ellington E., Chicago

“The frames look great!  It’s exactly what I wanted.  Once I had them in my hands, I knew they were perfect.  Thanks a lot for your hard work.”

- Ned M., New York

The nose pads are positioned correctly and they fit really nicely on my nose!  The frames sit further up on my face, and they sit far enough from my face that when I smile my cheeks don't touch the frame.  Amazing!!!  The position of the nose pads sure do look weird when looking at the frame on the reverse side, but it works!  Thank you, thank you!

- Sydney S., Minneapolis

Received the glasses and they are absolutely gorgeous and the fit is the best I have ever had.  I couldn’t be more pleased with your product.  Sincerest of thanks for this outstanding experience – both product and the responsiveness of your great customer service.

 - Cindy M., New Mexico

Promise to send pic of son and his amazing new frames once they have lenses.  This entire process has been quite the fun creative endeavor & has introduced a whole new level of respect for what a custom frame can do for you.  A work of art & just what our favorite art student needed.

- Michele R., New York

My frames just arrived, earlier than expected and they are perfect. They are not only beautiful, and outstandingly classy, but they’re incredibly comfortable and they fit exactly right. I'm so glad I found your company. Now I just have to decide which design to order next in addition to another version of the ones I have now. Thank you so much.

 – Judy K., Los Angeles

“I received my first pair of glasses from you in January and have received nothing but rave reviews. Baristas tell me they love my glasses and people stop me on the street to compliment me. It's crazy.” 

– Jeff R., Colorado

"Thanks to Indivijual Custom Eyewear for the excellent craftsmanship, quality and professional service."     - Nil Santana

"Thanks to Indivijual Custom Eyewear for the excellent craftsmanship, quality and professional service."

- Nil Santana